Dame Edna Spent Bizarre ‘The Project’ Appearance Digging Into Waleed Aly

Dame Edna made a bizarro appearance on ‘The Project‘ last night and is now being accused of everything from being shitfaced on air to bullying Australia‘s precious one, Waleed Aly.

Dame Edna, who was there to promote some dire partnership with Peter Alexander for Mother’s Day, started things off by telling viewers that “little Wally”, uh, really does look like exactly how he looks. (As opposed to what, a sea lion?)

“And I have to tell the viewers, that he really does look like this. He does! It’s not a trick of the lights!” she said.

Waleed’s discomfort was blatant as he replied, “I’m just trying to figure out what response you are looking for here.”

Yeah, super bloody weird / uncool when just last month Waleed found himself the target of a News Corp-led attack that he, as a non-white person, was nominated for a Logie.

But it didn’t stop there! Oh no! Dame Edna managed to dig in weird, unrelated jabs about entirely unrelated topics, like how her pj endorsement was “making bed fun” but she didn’t know if Waleed “believed in that”, and how Waleed probably didn’t think the Queen turning 90 was “wonderful” because “I bet you’re an old pinko, are you?”

In fairness where it probably isn’t deserved, Waleed wasn’t her only target. She also asked Carrie Bickmore if having kids had given her stretch marks and asked Fitzy where he’d be if it wasn’t for Big Brother house (lel).

But tbh, the whole thing was a bizarre, incoherent mess, and proof that Barrie Humphries‘ particular brand of comedy deserved to retire in 2012 when it was supposed to.

Watch the segment below.

Source / Photo: The Project.