An Insider Claims ‘Masked Singer’ Is Rigged & Insert Lindsay Pretending To Be Shocked Face

Loads of nasty rumours have surrounded The Masked Singer Australia since its inception from accusations that the stars aren’t singing live to Lindsay Lohan’s diva antics but perhaps the worst of the bunch are rumours that the show is staged.

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An insider has alleged that the whole thing is rigged and singers are evicted based on how famous they are.

“They’re evicting people based on their celebrity status,” an insider told New Idea. “Their plan is to get rid of the least famous people first and save the bigger names until the end so they can build up hype around the show and keep audiences intrigued.”

The sneaky source says the voting order is predetermined “well ahead of time” and audience votes don’t count for anything. “It’s a complete gimmick,” they reveal.

“They don’t actually count [the votes]. That’s why they never bother to show the percentage of votes.”

Since the very first ep, punters have taken to social media to question the validity of the show, with many wondering whether or not the singers are performing live.

Despite the speculation, celebrity judge Jackie ‘O’ Henderson is adamant that they are, in fact, singing live.

“They are singing live – 100 per cent fact,” she told The Advertiser.

Another insider told New Idea that the judges are only pretending not to know who’s beneath the masks.

“I do know that Lindsay Lohan is given all the answers as she doesn’t know anyone or recognise any voices,” the source claims.

“If none of them can guess, they all get handed a list of five names with one correct one so the episode can end.”

Well, that would certainly explain how LiLo knew who the fuck Gretel Killeen is.