That “Drunk History” Couple Did An Epic Wedding Dance With ACTUAL MAGIC

If you haven’t seen the Drunk History style video that adorable newlywed legends Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins put together to address the “How did you meet?” question at their wedding yet, do yourself a favour and amend that immediately. It’s hilarious and charming and very sweet and other superlatives.
Willman, a perennial Nerdist favourite and host of Cupcake Wars, is an actual, real-life, no fooling magician.
And at their wedding, Willman and Sipkins decided that, in lieu of the usual semi-awkward shuffling before giving everyone the “C’MON!” wave over during their first dance, they’d put on a little bit of a show instead.
It’s all going well – and is suitably lovely – and then the little end sequence hits and OH SHIT WHAT IS HAPPENING.

We said it before earlier this week, and we’ll say it again: He’s a witch. A WITCH.