Newlywed Legends Make A Hilarious “Drunk History” Video About How They Met

Weddings! They’re an absolute ball. Everyone’s dressed to the nines. There’s music and good food and drink. Family, friends and everyone are all in the one room. There’s bloody love in the air. They’re just a real, real nice time all around.

But for the lovebirds in question it can be a little bit of a repetitive experience, with lots of cheek kisses and congratulations and similar lines of questioning from relatives you haven’t seen in a while.
So instead of crafting a finely rehearsed response to the “So how did you meet?” question – to be doled out on the big day repeatedly – newlywed legends Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins got a little bit creative with it. And also a little bit drunk.
Or a lot drunk.
Or, like, proper fucken’ sloshed.
Borrowing the concept pioneered by Derek Waters, the pair made a extremely well-produced Drunk History video for their wedding rehearsal. For those not aware of the concept, they got wankered drunk and told the story to camera, then had friends reenact it, complete with slurry narration.
The video is funny and sweet and really very cute, and thankfully the pair put it up online for all to see.

Those of you with keen eyes and a deep internet addiction might recognise Willman as the Nerdist‘s favourite magician.
Here he is pulling some straight-up wizard shit in a fancy bowling alley on a previous episode of All-Star Celebrity Bowling.