Taylor Spent Hundreds Of Dollars On That Bougie Sydney Dinner & Tipped The Wait Staff, Too


Taylor Swift is here! In Sydney! Strolling around the streets of Surry Hills like she isn’t the most famous person on the planet! And now we know what she ate (and how much she spent!) on her night out!

Taylor Swift landed in Sydney on Monday and to the disbelief of Swifties everywhere, was spotted at a Surry Hills restaurant where she dined among us everyday folk. Why does this feel like those stories of Greek Gods living among us?

Swift and Sabrina Carpenter reportedly declined to book out Italian restaurant Pellegrino 2000 — which, dear reader, is very close to the PEDESTRIAN.TV office and yes, everyone here is in shambles.

Instead, the gals (no Travis Kelce in sight) enjoyed their meal surrounded by flabbergasted Sydney-siders who couldn’t believe their luck.

Imagine just having dinner or post-work drinks on a casual Tuesday evening and TAYLOR SWIFT walks in and is seated next to you?!

All the staff at Pellegrino who served Miss Swift were made to sign NDAs (boo!) so we don’t know exactly what but she ordered. BUT, predictably, Kyle & Jackie O producer Intern Pete somehow got hold of the tea anyway. He says he glimpsed the receipt, but who is he fooling?

According to him, Taylor spent $620 on dinner, which included olives, focaccia and a bunch of small pasta dishes. WHICH PASTAS? I need to know but sadly do not have the answers.

Honestly, how that adds up to $620 is beyond me and my salary, but Taylor also tipped the wait staff $300. Slay!

This is the first time Taylor has been spotted in public in Sydney since she landed — presumably, she’s been spending the rest of her time here enjoying her ridiculously bougie, $38,000-a-night hotel suite in the Crown.

I mean, it has two stories, a bar, an office, butler’s quarters, floor-to-ceiling windows, a bath, a steam shower, a fitness room, an infrared sauna, a private infinity pool, an open-air terrace, and unobstructed views of Sydney Harbour. If I was her, I would be getting all my damn meals delivered and never leaving that air-conditioned paradise.

But still, perhaps she wanted to brave Sydney’s fetid, swampy air and see what our city has to offer. Maybe we’ll see her eating a cheeky croissant at AP Bakery while it rains romantically (and not severely, as BOM predicts will be the case) before a long lunch with the gals at Ursula’s.

Truly though, is she really enjoying all Sydney has to offer if she isn’t also having bottomless brunch at a rooftop somewhere? Likely surrounded by asbestos mulch?

In the meantime, watch this space! We’ll update it the next time she’s spotted flitting about the city’s CBD.

Someone take Taylor Swift to western Sydney. Then I’ll believe she’s having an authentic Sydney experience.