Taylor Swift Is Copping Shit Bc She Attended A ‘Cannabis Dinner’ & Can We Give Her A Fkn Break

Taylor Swift

When you’re as big of a celebrity as Taylor Swift, everything you do is analysed, directed and, of course, posted online for the masses. In today’s episode of “What Did Taylor Do?,” she went to a dinner catered by a chef who specialises in creating food from cannabis. And now that there’s a connection between Taylor and the devil’s lettuce, fans are going bananas for a bunch of different reasons.

But first – the evidence.

(Image Source: Instagram / Bun B @bunb)

Fans came across a picture of Taylor at this event on American rapper Bun B‘s Instagram. The pic shows the Eras Tour queen shaking hands with Bun B. Obviously, she looks incredible and he seems to be in awe of her sheer talent, beauty, and charisma – something I’m sure she’s used to at this stage.

“About last night… got a call in the middle of dinner to meet Matt from Astor Club NYC at an Uno game. Random,” he wrote in the caption.

“Turns out it’s Questlove‘s party with food from cannabis chef/educator Nikki Steward which was amazing.

“On my way out he says ‘I have to have a picture with you and Taylor’, who turns out to be THE Taylor.

“As in, Taylor Swift who couldn’t have been more kind and personable. I’ve only ever met two other people who make you feel this seen and heard in an interaction before and that’s Barack Obama and Beyoncé.

“My question is, does that make me a Swiftie?” he concluded.

Hell yeah it does, bro! Welcome to the family!

But while the pic and its caption seem to merely document a special meeting between two celebs, the internet has latched onto one little detail and started sprinting through the online streets with it.

“ATTENZIONE!! TAYLOR IS AT A CANNABIS DINNER,” they’re screaming, presumably.

In all seriousness, the fact that Taylor is attending a dinner where a drug is featured is a pretty contentious issue amongst the Swifties. While some are absolutely flabbergasted that the “Lavender Haze” singer would ever, ever dream of touching the whacky tobacky, others are now convinced that she wrote the entire Folklore album stoned.

(Image Source: Reddit)
(Image Source: Instagram / Deuxmoi @deuxmoi)

Personally, I think any critique of Taylor attending a 420-enthusiast party is really fkn stupid. She’s a 33-year-old woman who lives in the United States where marijuana is legal in 23 states, including New York City where Questlove’s Uno party was.

To me, there are two parts to this story that should be the focus.

1. The fact that Uno parties are the place to be and more hot, funny, sexy people should invite me over to play Uno.
2. The glowing review that Bun B gave Taylor.

Not only did he compare her with Obama and Beyoncé, Bun B said that she made him feel truly seen and heard. What a lovely thing to say about someone, let alone one of the biggest names in the world.

I think this whole thing says more about who Taylor is, than it does about the doobie do’s and don’ts for a celebrity.