Aussie actress Tammin Sursok is reportedly set to play burns survivor Turia Pitt in a freshly announced biopic.

The Home & Away star told Stellar magazine that she’s enlisted the help of her director husband Sean McEwen for the inspiring project.

Sursock recalled watching the athlete’s interview with A Current Affair at her Los Angeles home, and said to her partner, “Why don’t we make her into a movie?”

Tammin Sursok Is Set To Portray Badass Burns Survivor Turia Pitt In Upcoming Biopic

Tammin, who suffered two consecutive miscarriages before the birth of her second daughter Lennon, said Turia’s journey inspired her to be more resilient.

“I had a very tough time with my miscarriages and I remember feeling so inspired by Turia and what she experienced. To be able to transcend that with grace and fortitude… and she has so much gratitude. I thought, ‘I need to be more like her’.”

She continued: “Then I turned to Sean and said, ‘Why don’t we make her into a movie?'”

Tammin and Sean have signed off on the film, and production will commence in Sydney next year.