T-Swift’s Lil’ Bro Austin Cast In Indie Flick By ‘PLL’ Star Tammin Sursok

Taylor Swift‘s lil’ bro Austin Swift has been cast in a film starring, written and produced by ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ star (and former Summer Bay resident) Tammin Sursok.

The Wrap reports that he’ll be appearing in indie comedy flick ‘Whaling‘, about an estranged brother-sister duo who reunited to dispose of their mother’s ashes.

Sursok plays the sister, but Swift is not the brother; instead, he’s playing “a small-town hustler who has a run-in with the siblings that dramatically impacts the characters’ paths.”

After news broke, Sursok – who co-wrote the film with her husband Sean McEwen, who is directing – promised “more amazing cast announcements” soon.

This isn’t Austin’s first acting role – his past film credits include ‘I.T.‘ and the Ben Affleck flick ‘Live by Night‘. But he doesn’t have the longest IMDb page in the world, either, with this casting brings his total acting gigs up to ‘six’.

TBQH though, still the most noteworthy thing Austin has done to date (aside from being related to possibly the most famous person in the world) is bin a pair of Yeezys after that whole Taylor v Kim & Kanye thing.