We Figured Out Who Chucked A Coward Vote On Sharn At The ‘Survivor: All Stars’ Finale

Thanks to a somewhat truncated and improvised “live” finale – one that had several very last minute changes made to it due to various pandemic-related travel restrictions – the biggest lingering question to come out of last night’s Australian Survivor: All Stars conclusion was simple: Who the fuck voted for Sharn?

With sole survivor David Genat putting Moana Hope onto the jury at the penultimate tribal council, the Golden God strolled into the Final Tribal sitting next to undisputed season goat Sharn Coombes for what should have been, and ultimately was, the easiest $500,000 layup you’re ever likely to see.

And yet, the final vote count was 8-1. One jury member, bafflingly, voted for Sharn.

Channel Ten didn’t wind up showing the audience exactly who voted for who on last night’s broadcast due to a myriad of reasons – honestly, it was a miracle that they managed to get physical votes to Jonathan LaPaglia who was stuck in the United States – but we, being the filthy Survivor truffle pigs that we are, have sniffed out the truth.

The culprit, the lone Sharn-voter was, would you believe: Mo Hope herself.

Though for a time immediately following last night’s broadcast it was suspected that Harry was the one that jotted Sharn’s name down, we have now confirmed on multiple fronts that it was indeed Mo whomst did it.

Where’s the evidence? Glad you asked!

Firstly, there’s this telling admission from Survivor Queen and our personal hero Shonee Fairfax, who straight-up threw Mo under the bus in an Instagram comment.

Then this morning PEDESTRIAN.TV double confirmed that when speaking to David himself, who bluntly stated “Mo did” when asked who did the damned thing.

But why exactly Mo did drop one in the Sharn box is a little more unclear. David, for his part, said that he “hadn’t had a chance” to talk to Mo about the vote just yet, but that contestants in general were good at remaining “pretty tight lipped” about the whole shebang. “They go out there and they put in so much work. It’s disappointing when things get leaked. They all respect the game too much,” he said.

Interestingly enough, David further explained his decision to take Sharn to the Final Two rather than Mo, stating that he didn’t just want to win, he “wanted a clean sweep.”

“I played close to a perfect game,” David said, “so I wanted a 9-0 victory. I love both those guys, but I thought Mo might take a couple of votes off me.”

Did Mo know this? Did she drop a Sharn vote out of pure spite just to prevent David from scoring the 9-0 sweep?

Who knows, man. It’s one for the Survivor archives. Maybe we’ll learn the answer one day. Maybe we won’t.

Either way, that one lone vote means David’s not done yet. And the next step there? That seems obvious.