‘Survivor’ Golden God David Wants To “Smash” A US Season, But Not Before His Ass Heals

So Australian Survivor: All Stars is over, and what a treat it’s been. The best season of all time? Probably not. The best individual game ever seen? Absolutely. In a walk. Not even close.

David Genat ran a train over All Stars in such all-encompassing, dominating fashion that it should be considered high art. Watching that was like witnessing Jordan in his prime. It was poetry in motion. Every move calculated to the nth degree. Every manoeuvre executed with surgical precision. Every feat of physical might summoning a base of gut-level effort most normal humans can only ever dream of accessing.

That was the greatest single-player whole-game display ever seen in Australian Survivor history. Arguably, it’s the greatest single-player game ever seen in any form of the show period. The only one that might be better is Boston Rob Mariano‘s cakewalk through Redemption Island, and even then the argument can be made that Rob merely insulated himself in an Idiot Igloo early on and waited patiently until the end, whereas David – this time around – stood up through all twelve rounds throwing millimetre-perfect body blows at anyone foolish enough to try and chin up to him.

So it should surprise none of you to learn that not only does David hope to show up on a US season of Survivor at some point soon, he EXPECTS to.

We called it last year that David is the perfect candidate to make the jump up to a US season, but speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV this morning the Golden God himself made it clear as day: He will be there.

David told us that he is “100%” keen to trade Jonathan LaPaglia out for Jeff Probst, asserting “I don’t think it’s a case of will I, it’s a case of when I will show up” in a US season.

“I just need some time to get myself right and I’m gonna go out there and smash those guys,” David said.

And he ain’t kidding when he says he needs some time to get right either: Genat detailed the litany of horrific injuries he suffered throughout the course of All Stars.

We already knew old mate copped ten stitches in his leg on day one – an injury that nearly caused him to walk away from the game entirely – but this morning David revealed he was way more banged up than he let on. What viewers here in Australia didn’t see included a dislocated kneecap and subsequent “popped” ACL suffered in a challenge, a spider bite on his butt cheek that was way worse than cameras let on (it turned into an abscess that required daily draining, my god), a nasty flu that managed to linger for “three to four weeks” during filming, and a total weight loss of a staggering 14.8kg.

So yeah, look. Give him a few months to sort all that out, and then get Jeff Probst to give him a call.

The Australian Model who’s secretly a two-time player, one-time winner, and has been called the best player of any form of Survivor ever? That’s a hell of a storyline.

Get him on there, Probst. You know it makes sense.