All Hail Golden God David Genat, The Winner Of ‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’

davidgenat survivor

In completely unsurprising news, David Genat has been crowned sole Survivor on tonight’s finale of Survivor: All Stars.

The 39-year-old supermodel from New York took out the top prize just a year after he first made his Survivor debut in Champions vs Contenders in 2019.

David is the proud new owner of a cozy half-million dollars, after beating out Sharn Coombes in Monday night’s final. Although he was the fan-favourite, it was no easy task, with Sharn being the only player in Australian history to make it through to both finales and play 100 days in the game.

In a wild final episode hosted by Bachie bebe Osher Gunsberg, David took out the most votes, winning the sweet title of sole survivor. We only saw the first six votes, but a wild 6-1 lead had gave David a sweet victory.

Unfortunately, our usual host Jonathan LaPaglia was unable to get back to Australia for the final episode due to the ongoing coronavirus situation. But thankfully, he popped in via video-link to read the votes that really counted.

Genat, known as the Golden God of Survivor, is widely regarded as one of the best strategists to ever play the Australian version of the game. And now, he will go down in history as the king of Australian Survivor: All Stars.

It’s been a wild couple of months, but at least we still got the Australian Survivor: All Stars final we’ve been waiting for. Now we’ve just gotta sit and wait for whenever they resume filming of the 2020 season, which is set to be filmed in Fiji when it is safe to do so.

All hail the Golden God.