‘Survivor’ God David Nearly Quit ‘All Stars’ On Day One Because His Health Was In The Shitter

Welcome, my friends, to the big finale day for ‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’. We’re here, it’s happening despite the odds, and we’re gonna see if the noted Golden God David Genat will be taking home the chocolates as sole survivor over Moana Hope and Sharn Coombes. But in a recent interview, the Aussie version’s biggest player said he very nearly called it quits on All Stars after the toll it took on his body.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, David talked about how doing back to back seasons of Survivor took a hell of a run on his body. Though he said he got out of 34 days in season four’s ‘Champions V Contenders’ relatively unscathed, the island got him good during his run at All Stars.

“I was fine, but the severe weight loss the first time,” he said.

“Then having the bulk back up for All Stars and going in there a bit heavier than I normally am, it was really insane on my body.”


On day one back on the island in Fiji, David ended up with 10 stitches in his leg after copping rogue bit of firewood to the shin, thrown by Mat Rogers. He said that he nipped down the beach to get stitched up by the medic team, and then took on the first challenge with blood pouring into his shoes.

“I actually considered pulling out right then and there, I thought it was too much,” he said.

“I just thought maybe I should call it quits.”

If you can’t remember that first immunity challenge the returning All Stars faced, it was this absolute doozy.

Yeah. Imagine doing that with your joggers full of blood.

Thank the Golden Gods that David stuck it out and didn’t call time on the island though, because he’s manipulated, worked, acted, and swindled his way right through to the finale. At one point the man had two hidden immunity idols, one faked one, AND the individual immunity necklace. Christ almighty.

I’ve got my best buff on and I’m ready to tune into the finale tonight at 7.30pm AEDT on Ch10.

Welcome to end game, baby.