Top Gun: Maverick Is Streaming On Paramount+ So You Can Play *THAT* Scene On Repeat


If you cast your mind back to, say, June/July this year, you’ll remember when Miles Teller was crowned ‘White Boy Of The Month™’. The reason? This scene here from Top Gun: Maverick. 

Not only did Mr Teller’s shoulder shimmy send a shockwave of horniness throughout the internet, but the movie also garnered massive acclaim from fans of the OG 80s classic, newcomers to the story and critics alike.

Luckily for us, Top Gun: Maverick is now exclusively streaming on Paramount+, which will make for perfect viewing during that glorious gap between Christmas and the new year. Honestly, I cannot think of anything better than watching it on a 34-degree day while the aircon blasts and remnants of an icy pole drip down my arm.

Here’s the trailer again to jog your memory and get you excited for a bit of summer indulging.

Maverick follows Tom Cruise’s character Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, after 30 years of service in the airforce, as he trains a new crop of youngins — one of them being his best mate Goose’s (who dies in the original) son.

While you don’t technically have to watch the 1986 movie to understand the plot, it is also available to stream on Paramount+ too if you want the whole experience.

There’s also been a heap of buzz that the movie could receive a few Academy Award nods, too, given it’s already scooped up prestigious awards from the Producers Guild Of America and the National Board Of Review. Vox writer Alissa Wilkinson described the movie as being “almost unprecedented in its class”, which truly gets us hyped for a rewatch.

You’d absolutely hate to be out of the loop come awards season, right? I personally cannot wait to see Miles Teller rock a tux on the red carpet and, hopefully, do a little shimmy for the paps. So, get a whopping bowl of popcorn ready and get watching, peoples.

Top Gun Maverick is exclusively streaming right now on Paramount+