Sportsbet Refunds Everyone’s Wagers After Last Night’s ‘Bachie’ Clusterfuck

Yesterday’s The Bachelor finale was a first in Bachie history: no one fucking won.

The devo loss means that an untold number of office sweepstake winnings across the country will go unclaimed (sucks to be the one to have to explain it to 95 year old Susan in finance) and what the bloody hell is gonna happen with who totally cleaned up from the show?

The betting site has taken to Twitter to announce that they’re pulling the extremely legendary move of refunding everyone’s dough.

“We’ve refunded all Bachelor bets! All girls, all bets, all refunded,” the tweet reads, adding: “We’ve refunded every bet on every contestant – enjoy.”

Yep, that includes the Bachelor and Survivor doubles.

Turns out there were more bets for this season than any other season of the show.

 “Betting on this season of The Bachelor was more popular than any other season of the show,” a spokesperson for the site revealed.

“We’re just as disappointed as the fans that there was no winner. Hopefully refunding all bets will cheer our punters up a little.”

Will Byrne of also confirmed that they are introducing an option for punters to choose ‘no one wins’ when placing a bet in the event that this bullshit ever happens again.