The Odds Of Richie & Alex Splitting In Under A Month Are Only Payin’ $3.50

The entire nation of Australia is obviously still reeling from the shock conclusion of last night’s ep of The Bachelor, which will go down in history as the most sickening failure of justice since Osher Gunsberg denied Shannon Noll the glory of Australian Idol victory. Osher, your contribution to this country can only be described as treasonous

Well, the country seems to be voting with its dollars, too. Sportsbet, which hosts a whole bunch of novelty bets for while you’re waiting to throw down on the horsies again, has set up a market for the length of Richie and Alex‘s relationship. The bet “applies to the length of time until the Winning Couple officially ends their relationship, beginning from 15 September 2016.”

The people are feeling bullish. Look at these odds:
It’s only a $3.50 payout if their relationship lasts less than a month. Nothing else pays less. I mean, I guess they’ve been maintaining a phone relationship for the past couple of months while they cool their heels and wait for this whole Bachelor nonsense to blow over. Either way, people are venting their rage over this clear mismatch with their dollars.
In the meantime, I strongly recommend you haul ass over to the comments on Richie’s Instagram. They are heinous: 
Source: Sportsbet.
Photo: Channel Ten.