Oh man, this is some depressing news.

Earlier this week, Tracking Board reported that Disney had confirmed Princess Diaries 3 was getting the go ahead, with insiders telling the reporter that although Anna Hathaway “may or may not be includ[ed],” their intention was to “reboot the franchise”.

The entire internet lost their collective shit, us included.

Unfortunately, Variety are today reporting that their insiders confirm Disney is not developing a third Princess Diaries movie.

“Until the studio is happy with a story that does the series justice, fans will have to wait a little longer for the threequel,” they reported.

Tracking Board have yet to follow up the story, which may or may not be because they’re currently striking names off their “reliable insider sources” list and muttering obscenities.

Sorry guys. We’ll have to hold our breaths a little longer to see if Mia totally effs up running a country, but saves the day by finding her inner grace. Wow. These movies are just a giant metaphor for stop being a frazzled mess, when you think about it.

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Sorry, Everyone, But Princess Diaries 3 Probably Isn’t Happening