Sophia Begg Is Beefing With Rumoured Ex & Fitzroy Garage Sesh’s Jordan Menadue Over A Shady TikTok

Aussie influencer Sophia Begg (famously known as Sopha Dopha) has seemingly gotten into some drama with her rumoured ex, Fitzroy Garage Sesh boi Jordan Menadue and the whole situation is messy AF.

Over the weekend, Aussie influencers and rumoured former flames Sophia and Jordan have been at each other’s necks over a TikTok trend where folks take aim at their exes.

You see, shit first hit the fan when Sophia supposedly partook in a TikTok trend where users talk smack about their exes with the viral audio of Sabrina Carpenter‘s Saturday Night Live performance of “Feather”, where she yells “I’m on SNL and you’re not”, playing in the background.

In the now-deleted TikTok, the influencer wrote: “I have my own business, dream car, investment property, and it’s probably because I don’t have to pay for everything for you anymore.”

The video was met with a mixed bag of responses, with some folks slamming her for flaunting the fact that she’s a landlord and that she’s posting content about her ex while being in a new relationship.

(Image source: TikTok / @sophadophaa)

Despite not mentioning any names, rumours began to circulate that Sophia’s scathing video and claims were about Fitzroy Garage Sesh creator Jordan Menadue.

The rumours that Sophia’s video was about Jordan became more solid when he decided to upload his own TikTok, calling out an unnamed content creator for “online bullying”.

“Honestly ridiculous how long these comments/videos have gone on for without me saying anything,” Jordan wrote on his video, which has gained more than 644K views.

“It is a form of online bullying and you need to be called out for it. Be a good role model for your millions of young followers. Please leave me alone. Thank you. #dontbeabully”

As Jordan’s video began to go viral, friends of the Fitzroy Garage Party boy began to show their support in the comment section. One friend and fellow influencer Sam (@shortgirltalldreams) commented: “People know how much of a good human you are Jordan.”

In response, Sophia revealed in Jordan’s comments section that Sam warned her of dating Jordan because “everyone in Melb doesn’t like him.”

(Image source: TikTok / @jordanmenadue)

As the messiness continued to unfold on social media, online gossip sleuths began to screenshot and share the tea in a popular “Tea Time” Facebook group.

Sophia responds to Jordan’s TikTok in a private Facebook group statement

Soon after the screenshots gained virality in the private group, Sophia decided to share her thoughts on Jordan’s recent video.

“He’s all about #dontbully when I have a notes list on my phone from the relationship,” she began in the lengthy response.

“So if he wants to act like the victim I’ll have no regrets saying all of it.”

Sophia went on to admit that she could’ve worded her original video better after she was accused of “flaunting wealth” which was “100 per cent not [her] intention”. The influencer also slammed the assumption that she was “obsessed” with her ex because she made the video calling him out.

“I didn’t name him and didn’t think people would even think twice about it because it’s a trend everyone has done,” Sophia continued.

“It’s a trend about exes so I hopped on.”

Jordan has yet to respond to Sophia’s most recent claims.

This isn’t the first time that Sophia has gotten into a spat with another Aussie creator. Earlier this year, Sophia famously got into some beef with Shelby Sherritt after she ranted about the price of her strawberry mug.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Jordan, Sophia and Sam for comment.

Image source: TikTok via Sopha Dopha and Jordan Menadue