Unpacking The ‘Fitzroy Garage Party’ Saga That Has The Internet In An Absolute Tizzy

Fitzroy Garage Party TikTok

A series of videos collectively known as the “Fitzroy Garage Party” or “Fitzroy Garage Sesh” saga have mercilessly taken over TikTok’s For You Page. At the time of writing, one of the original clips has copped more than 1.8 million views, sparking an infinite supply of responses which echo a ~variety~ of perspectives.

Officially titled “the vibes are here #melbourne”, the most widely-viewed of the original Fitzroy Garage Party TikToks was uploaded by Andrew Davie (@AndyDavie).

The video features a bunch of Gen Z blokes hanging out in Fitzroy, a suburb in Melbourne’s inner north that was recently named TimeOut‘s “coolest neighbourhood in Australia”.

There’s alcohol, there’s music, there’s vintage clothing, and there’s even the occasional moustache.


the vibes are here #melbourne

♬ are you gonna leave me now – beachbumblaine

Despite Andrew’s video having the most reach, there are also separate TikToks shot by other Fitzroy Garage Party attendees.

From these, we were able to witness different angles of the same sesh. The future is truly now.

The “multiple angles” element of this story has only added to the party’s ubiquitousness across social media.


A few more angles for all of you nice people asking for them 🤍 #garageparty #melbourne #fitzroy #garage

♬ Techno Disco Tool (Radio Edit) – Mella Dee


Sorry guys here’s the other angles you’ve been asking for #fitzroy #melbourne #garagetok

♬ original sound – louis🥷

So is the Fitzroy Garage Party just a silly little summertime sesh or should it prompt a more serious chat about the intersections between gentrification, social media and class?

Let’s recap some of the perspectives.

As soon as the video started gaining steam on TikTok’s algorithm, the pile-on in the comments section began.

The conversation then spilled out into stitches, duets, and responses.

These began a more in-depth conversation about why the original videos had struck a nerve, positive or negative, with so many people.

Creator @Sagg.i commented on how the video appeared “uncomfortable” and “awkward”, and mentioned that the party felt like “performance” in the era of content creation.

Other creators aired similar thoughts on how the video could come off as showy and perhaps even disingenuous in a formerly working class suburb such as Fitzroy.


#stitch with @Andrew Davie Platos cave but make it about performative commodifiable social interactions

♬ original sound – sageybaby


Replying to @User #fitzroy #melbourne #gentrification #change #culture #history

♬ original sound – Aleks Hammo


You best believe I saw an American ask “what is skevs” #fitzroygaragesesh

♬ Techno Disco Tool (Radio Edit) – Mella Dee


Every day we stray further from god and closer to private school #fitzroygarageparty

♬ original sound – Jordie van den Berg


Green vest cutting off that one guy dancing 🥲 #fitzroy #party #males

♬ original sound – evie

However, amidst the more critical discussion, there were several folks who were outspokenly pro-garage sesh.

Apparently there are now only two groups of people in the world: those who are pro-garage party and those who are anti-garage party.

@Suitonabeachbum asked why people making negative comments couldn’t just “let people have fun and film it. It’s what they like to do”.

Others chimed in to say they thought the party looked like a vibe and would’ve frothed an invite.


#stitch with @Andrew Davie social media is a weird place – do what makes you happy.

♬ original sound – suitonabeachbum


Tempted to go buy that green vest at this point #melbourne

♬ original sound – TATE


No matter your perspective, the best thing to come out of this whole adventure was the collection of re-creations.

See a hand-picked selection of our faves below.


Good vibes only #fitzroygaragesesh #garagesesh #fitzroygarageparty #peatreeeee

♬ are you gonna leave me now – beachbumblaine


The vibes are here #melbourne #fitzroygarageparty

♬ are you gonna leave me now – beachbumblaine


#fitzroy #garageparty #oatmilk

♬ are you gonna leave me now – beachbumblaine


#duet with @Andrew Davie #melbourne

♬ are you gonna leave me now – beachbumblaine


So that about about does it for our Fitzroy Garage Party recap for now.

May you all be invited to many delightful parties over the festive break. Garage, or otherwise.

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