That Infamous Fitzroy Garage Sesh Has Officially Gone Global And Is Now Baffling The World

TikToks of people recreating or reacting to the Fitzroy Garage Sesh

The infamous, legendary Fitzroy Garage Sesh has officially gone global, with folks across the world recreating a little slice of Melbourne life.

I will never get Mella Dee’s “Techno Disco Tool” or Empire of the Sun’s “We Are The People” out of my head thanks to this bloody TikTok trend.

Now, if you missed the Fitzroy Garage Sesh — no idea how you managed that — you can read our full explainer on the sitch and the reactions to it.

In short, a group of blokes had a garage party in Melbourne’s Fitzroy and it’s taken the internet by storm.

The original video by Andrew Davie (@andydavie) has racked up more than 2.9 million views since it was posted on Friday.

@andydavie the vibes are here #melbourne ♬ are you gonna leave me now – beachbumblaine

But in a rather fun turn of events, people across the country and the world have been sharing their recreations of the sesh. Honestly, I just like copping a look at other peoples’ houses.

Now of course, folks from outside of Melbourne took the opportunity over Christmas to share their renditions. A personal favourite of mine is this contender from Hobart, getting a little Tasmania vibe in.

A shoutout must also go to these outfits — 10/10.

@olivegriffinn The vibes are here🤪 #hobart ♬ are you gonna leave me now – beachbumblaine

But while the Aussie versions have popped off, a true highlight has been the international response.

First we have this contender from Canada and looking at that weather, I too would bloody love to be at a garage party in Fitzroy.

@alxvintage lord know i can handle a little microaggression 🥴 #melbourne #ontario #fitzroygarageparty #fitzroy #fitzroygardens ♬ Techno Disco Tool (Radio Edit) – Mella Dee

The comments on this TikTok were full of Australians shocked the video had made it so far, and Canadians unable to escape the garage sesh.

“Literally in Toronto and it’s been all I’m seeing loll,” one person commented.

Hello Toronto!

It’s always fun to see something Australian go viral and absolutely baffle the world. Do these international audiences even have a concept of the Melbourne accent? I must know!

The video also made its way to England, where in a comment TikToker Jonny Davies confirmed it “owns UK TikTok currently”.

@jdrunsfar The chokehold these Fitzroy garage lads have on people on tiktok is insane #fitzroygarage #melbourne #fitzroymelbourne #fitzroygarageparty ♬ Techno Disco Tool (Radio Edit) – Mella Dee

My personal favourite absolutely has to be this Scottish take on the ‘ol garage party.

Though this one isn’t so much a garage sesh as a… hill sesh, it appears?

@clareemacgroarty the vibes are here #edinburgh #garage ♬ are you gonna leave me now – beachbumblaine

Someone get me to Edinburgh immediately.

And while it’s not technically international, someone did go to the effort of making the Fitzroy Garage Sesh in The Sims.

@its_your_anonymous_dad This one actually looks fun though #fitzroygarage ♬ are you gonna leave me now – beachbumblaine

I think we can all agree the joke has now peaked and never speak of it again.

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