An Aussie TikToker Has Sparked An Online Debate After Going Viral For Her Epic Food Court Rant

A TikToker has sparked an online debate amongst netizens after she shared a video about a cooked encounter she had at a food court. Honestly, I think I’m on her side on this one, folks!

TikTok — both the bane of my Bain Marie and the love of my life — is the birthplace of a lot of wild debates and discussions.

Recently, Aussie TikToker Chloe Baradinsky (@chloebaradinsky) lit the platform on fire following her rant surrounding food court etiquette.

In her video, which has garnered more than 379K views, Chloe revealed that she got into a cheeky food court spat with a man who “reserved” a food court table with a notebook.

“So it is peak lunchtime at the food court. Like, no table’s free. Absolutely packed,” she began.

“Notepad left on the table here, right? And I was like ‘Oh maybe someone’s just left it’. I left it as is because he’ll probably come back and collect it once he realises it.

“He came back with his food and was so rude. He’s like ‘I’ve reserved this table.’”

Chloe shared that she was stunned the bloke claimed to have “reserved” the table via a notepad and questioned how he was able to do so at a bustling food court during peak lunch hour.

“I was like ‘I’m sorry, you can’t reserve tables.’ And he was like ‘Well I put my notepad here to go and order my food and I’ve come back and now you’re sitting here.’

“I go ‘yeah it’s a food court.’”

The TikToker then shared that towards the end of their mini spat, the man asked if it was her “rules” that he couldn’t reserve the seat with the notepad, to which she replied with the same question, asking: “Are they your rules?”

“He was like [a] 50-year-old man and he was so rude,” Chloe added.

“I was like you can sit here if you want, you can sit on the other side and he was like ‘I don’t want to sit with you.’

“I’m sorry, we’re not at Mr Wongs. You can’t reserve tables at a food court when it’s like 13.30 on a Tuesday.”

After Chloe shared her rant, punters flocked to the comments section to share their two cents on the whole food court debacle.

“In my opinion, jacket/coat over a chair is reserving. A notepad is a forgotten item,” one person wrote.

“He’s WRONG!! The only way to reserve a table is to get your friend to sit there while you order,” another TikToker commented.

“You are totally in the right. Well done for standing your ground,” wrote a third.

Although a majority of the commenters were on Chloe’s side, some viewers highlighted that in other countries this was the norm.

“When I was in Singapore they would do that and leave like a random umbrella on a table and it felt so strange,” one person shared.

“This was me when I went to Japan & everyone did this,” another added.

(Image source: TikTok / @chloebaradinsky)

As someone who works in the city, I totally understand the struggle of finding a seat to scoff ya food down during peak hour.

And honestly, I can understand both sides of the argument. BUT at the end of the day, Chloe is right. No one can bloody reserve a food court table with a notepad and she was also nice enough to offer the seat next to her.

If I were her, I would’ve just snatched the notepad and walked away with my hearty bowl of Laksa.