Influencer Karina Irby Accuses Gold Coast Café Of Booting Her Out Over The Silliest Reason

Another day, another influencer getting booted from a restaurant and telling the tale on social media for clout. The latest being Gold Coast influencer Karina Irby and this story is a doozy.

Taking to Instagram, Irby shared footage of her and her mates arriving at Palm Springs Café in Burleigh Heads to film an ad for her activewear line.

However, not only did she not inform the café owner that she’d be using their establishment as a location for her photoshoot.

In her videos, she explained that she thought the café would be all sweet with it, especially since she helped sweeten the deal by purchasing a cake and coffee (pun intended).

Karina Irby (Instagram)

Karina Irby on her Instagram Stories.

“I thought I could order a bunch of yummy food and drinks, eat and have the girls representing Moana Smile Club at this local café,” she began.

“We were asked not to shoot there and got kicked out of the café,” she shared.

She added that a local homeowner saved the day by offering up their property as a location.

Karina Irby on Instagram

Karina Irby slammed the cafe on her IG Stories.

Daily Mail Australia spoke to the owners of Palm Springs Cafe owners Cohen and they insisted that Karina and her pals were not “asked to leave,” they were actually asked to kindly book ahead of time in future.

“We don’t allow professional photoshoots during business hours out of respect for our guests. However, we hire our space out for professional shoots, it is a service we offer,” the owner said.

“All that was said is that if you have a professional photographer you need to allow a time to book a shoot in. We don’t allow professional photography during business hours out of respect for our other guests.”

They continued: “Not everyone wants to be in the background of a photoshoot. There was no malice behind it. You don’t go to the Carlisle and book a hotel room and film a commercial.

“Someone of her stature should have known that as she has a successful company. She told us she reached out to us and tried to book it in, but we are on top of our emails and socials and that never happened.”

Drama, drama, drama!