Sophia Begg’s Awkward Interaction With Tony Armstrong At The TikTok Awards Is Low Key Relatable

Influencer Sophia Begg (@sophadophaa) was left visibly embarrassed at the TikTok awards on Wednesday night after an awkward interview with host Tony Armstong.

Armstrong interviewed her while sitting in the audience in a moment that has since gone viral online.

When Armstrong said she looked ecstatic, she told him to stop flirting with her, leading many to ask: does she even know what ecstatic means?

“How are you feeling? You look ecstatic and I’m pumped for you,” he said.

“Thank you. Wow! Stop flirting with me!”, Begg replied.

“Had a hard launch this week, mate. Don’t know if you caught the news,” Armstrong said in response.

“That was not flirting, that was flattery.”

Honestly, I would never recover.

Users have criticised the moment on TikTok, saying they got “second hand embarrassment”.

“I cannot deal with the second hand embarrassment eI get from the silence,” on person said.

Another person commented she was probably “just really nervous” and “said the first thing that came to her mind”.

The infamous Fitzroy Garage Party Tiktok took home the crown of video of the year at the awards, creating some controversy.

While some praised the video for just having fun and launching a series of imitations, others have loudly criticised it.

However, Jordan Menadue, who features in the video, hit back at the haters on Wednesday night.

“Don’t let other people’s comments or opinions stop you from being yourself. Just keep doing what you love and that’s all that matters,” he said.

Decent advice, whatever your take is on the boys’ win.