Isaac’s Kiss Scene In Sex Education Was Respectful, Beautiful, And Most Importantly: Very Hot

sex education isaac kiss scene

Now it’s been roughly two weeks since Sex Education season 3 came out, can we please talk about that gorgeous kiss scene between Maeve and Isaac?

For those of you who haven’t yet seen Sex Education season 3, then scram. This yarn is going to be chock-a-block with spoilers.

Alright, now the rabble is outta here, let’s talk about one of the hottest, most beautiful and most respectful scenes to appear in television or film… ever.

Yes, I’m talking about that intimate moment between the rebellious yet gifted Maeve (Emma Mackey) and paraplegic teen Isaac (George Robinson). Sure, it was interrupted by an oven lasagna tripping a smoke alarm, but the minutes we did get were incredible.

One thing to note about Sex Education‘s sex scenes is that they’re quite often high-energy, campy and quite comedic in nature. At times, it’s almost like we’re watching a parody of what teenagers are like once they become sexually active.

However, in episode 4 of season 3, when Maeve and Isaac have a sexual encounter, things are different.

The lighting is low, there’s a piano score instead of some rambunctious rock song, and the cinematography is elegant in its close-ups and wide shots.

Not only is this scene graceful, but it’s hot. The intimacy shared between these two characters far surpasses that of any other relationship on the show, and it’s quite remarkable.

Non-disabled curiosity, which is bound to exist in an audience when you present them with a scene like this, is channelled through Maeve’s awkwardness and gentle questioning, and answered through Isaac’s patience.

The audience is able to see through this scene that disabled people are sexual beings, but moreso, learn that sex, in general, is about so much more than what we believe. It can be about intimate touching, being vulnerable with someone, and listening to their needs.

It’s representation at its finest, because it doesn’t force anything that doesn’t feel natural. It lets us in, it’s beautiful, it flows naturally, and it’s something that has barely ever been shown in TV or film.

“What makes that scene so beautifully crafted is the way it speaks to how sex isn’t always about the physical stuff but the intimate act of opening yourself up to one another. That’s really what sex is,” Robinson, who plays Isaac so sympathetically, told the BBC.

“Disabled people are everything: We’re fathers, we’re sons, we go through economic problems, we have problems with relationships, we have all of these things. And yes, we are intimate sexual beings just like everyone else.”

The scene is absolutely a highlight of the season, and it’s STEAMY as hell. You can have a watch right here.

And here are just some tweets talking about the Sex Education scene and how it moved literally everyone who watched it.

I don’t care if you hate Isaac as a character, you have to admit that this scene was special, necessary, and beautiful.