Gird Your Loins, ‘Sex Education’ Has Been Renewed For A Third Horny Season At Netflix

'Sex Education'

Good news, kids, Sex Education has been renewed for a third season at Netflix. It’s not a surprise considering how season 2 ended (I’m still mad) but it’s still welcome news.

Netflix made the announcement on Twitter overnight on its See What’s Next account. And then Gillian Anderson shared the good news via a selfie of what I first thought were groovy purple rings and squiggles, but upon closer inspection realised was sperm. Checks out. Am I still getting wild whiplash between Anderson’s sex therapist character Dr Jean Milburn and her other Netflix role, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Crown? Yes, yes I am.

I’m about to talk about the season 2 ending now so if you haven’t binged the season, please leave. Now. Go away. Shoo. Go. Be gone.

Anyway, at the end of season 2 our central character Otis (Asa Butterfield) tells Maeve (Emma Mackey) that he loves her. He does it in a phone call as part of an apology for his very shitty behaviour at a party in episode 6. After two seasons of will-they-won’t-they, Otis finally admits his feelings to Maeve. Except Maeve never gets the message because her mate Isaac (George Robinsondeletes the message. Now I had absolutely nothing against Isaac throughout the entire season, but my god, that ending was… upsetting.

I talked to Mackey a little while ago about the ending, and she helped me explain that Isaac was just looking out for his mate.

“The only interaction Isaac had with Otis was at the party when he was the worst, he was awful. He was a massive dickhead. So obviously, he had a really bad impression of Otis and so you can understand why he wanted to protect Maeve from that kind of guy.”

I get it, but still.

Sex Education is streaming on Netflix now.