Don’t Despair, Horny Binches: Sex Education Has Already Been Renewed For Season 4

Sex Education season 4 renewed

This year may be an absolute shit-show in a lot of ways, but Netflix’s Sex Education has already been renewed for a fourth season so I guess it’s not all bad!!

Yes friends, your fave horny kids will be back to tie up some very naughty (in the bad way, not the sexy way) cliff-hangers that have left us reeling. Which might not sound like shocking news, but Netflix’s cheeky habit of cancelling things that I actually invest my heart in had me stressed for a second.

Now, before you keep reading, I’m just gonna let you know that we’re about to discuss some major spoilers for season 4 (like, the literal ending), so if you haven’t watched it yet then gaarn, get outta here! Begone! Bye!

Okay, anyway.

There’s only so many seasons of this show we can get, since our fave Mooredale High students will have to fly the nest eventually. Which actually feels like it’s coming sooner than expected, after the show revealed Maeve is leaving for America.

Now, we don’t know for sure what that means for her character — I doubt she’s going to disappear from the plot completely. Especially because they finally set up prospects for her and our main character Otis to actually get together, after three seasons of will-they-won’t-they.

We also saw Adam and Eric break-up, which tbh, was probs for the best. Especially since we’re seeing Adam expand his socials (particularly with a certain Rahim) — maybe there’s something there?

And, of course, Jean gets the paternity test for her pregnancy with baby Joy, and yells “oh shit!” in shock. Uh oh. You’d think that’s the biggest cliff-hanger, but nope!

Mooredale High is set to close because of a lack of investors! Will our characters be separated forever as they lose their school? Or will they be able to rally enough funds to save the day? I guess we’ll have to see!

There’s no release date for Sex Education season 4 yet, but given past release dates, we can probably expect it this time next year, or January 2023.

Sex Education is streaming now on Netflix.