Too Hot To Handle Is Getting Two More Seasons At Netflix, So I’m Lubed Up & Ready To Go

Too Hot To Handle

Netflix’s dumb, horny series Too Hot To Handle has been renewed for two (2) more seasons at the streaming giant, because of course it has.

While season 1 of the wildly popular series was filmed in Mexico, the team has relocated to the Turks and Caicos Islands, according to industry publication Deadline. They are of course filming under COVID-19 safety protocols.

Being incredibly horny on a beach somewhere in paradise sounds like a fun way to ride out the pandemic.

Per Deadline, production on seasons 2 and 3 were sneakily titled Parties In Paradise, so contestants had no idea what they had actually signed up for. I mean, considering how big the series was at the time, its title would’ve been a dead giveaway for the new recruits.

Netflix praised Too Hot To Handle as its “biggest competition show ever,” after 51 million member accounts flicked it on during its first four weeks. Not behd.

Too Hot To Handle follows a bunch of hot people, who get dumped on a remote island where they hope to find love. The only snag is that they are absolutely forbidden from any sexual activity over the course of the series, so if they end up fucking or breaking any other rule, the size of their ultimate cash prize plummets.

It’s a hard game to play, tell ya what.

The no-touching rule is supposed to encourage ~ getting to know each other on a deeper level ~ or whatever, in the same sort of vein as Love Is Blind. Conveniently, everybody in both shows is nice to look at.

Love Is Blind is Netflix’s other wildly popular dating series, in which more hot people talk to each other through walls to form a connection. Last year, Love Is Blind was officially renewed for two more seasons at the streaming giant.

That’s not all though because Netflix also gave the green light to The Circle for two more seasons. I don’t even know how to describe this one, but Netflix pitched it as Big Brother meets Catfish.

Moral of the story: the people love reality TV.

The first seasons of Too Hot To HandleLove Is Blind, and The Circle are streaming now on Netflix.