Too Hot To Handle star Harry Jowsey has announced that he is considering legal action against his ex Francesca Farago for *checks notes* costing him Instagram followers.

The pair called it quits in June, and the Aussie reality star believes the fallout from their break-up has “damaged” his “brand”.

“I can’t believe it, it’s damaging my brand,” he told The Courier Mail. “I’ve been nothing but nice to her and regarding the reason why we broke up, because of stuff she did.”

Harry claims he lost 200,000 Insta followers in the weeks after Francesca posted her breakup vid where she accused him of being shady.

“She made a big YouTube video and has been doing a whole bunch of TikToks and crazy stuff and I haven’t done anything,” he said, which isn’t exactly true as he immediately posted a response vid, but go off, king.

“We’ve been broken up for months, a long time before we announced it, and we were on good terms and I don’t know what happened,” he added.

Harry says his family’s also been affected by Francesca’s allegations.

“My mum has been getting hate and all my friends and I’m like, ‘Why are you doing this? You are ruining our great memories.’ So yeah, now it has to go to the courts,” he said.

In Francesca’s breakup vid, she said: “There was a lot of rumours that came up that turned out to be true. I was getting sent a lot of screenshots and messages. I didn’t want to believe it because how could you have a wedding ring folder with someone, and how could you propose to someone, but you’re also saying I can’t be with you because of the distance. It makes me feel like I was being played.”

In Harry’s response, he denied doing anything shady and said their relationship simply ran its course.

He insisted that he “never lied” about anything before their split. “There is literally nothing to hide and I’m an open book. I’m open and transparent about everything,” he claimed.

Fuck me, I can’t wait to see how this plays out in court.