Sex Education S3 Is Hands-Down The Best Representation Of On-Screen Diversity Right Now

sex education season 3 netflix

If you haven’t started watching Netflix’s Sex Education by now, then you’re missing out on one of the best shows on television, simple as that. Nothing tops the writing and cast diversity in this incredible show, and the recently released season 3 is undoubtedly its most beautiful showing yet.

Hello, friends who have entered into this article. From here on out, I’m going to assume you’ve seen Sex Education seasons 1 and 2. No spoilers for the newly released season 3, but boy are you in for a treat.

sex education season 3
Aimee and Maeve in season 3.

As you may have realised by now, Sex Education is one of the best shows out, period. The cast is charismatic and engaging, the script is nuanced and interesting, and the acting is top-notch.

Not to mention the purposeful blend of ’80s and ’90s fashion and decor in a modern-day UK setting is a risk that absolutely pays off. Everything looks gorgeous and nostalgic while still being grounded in today’s reality.

Thanks to the structure of the hour-long episodes, which cut between multiple storylines, we’ve been granted the opportunity to learn about and care for every single character in the show. Even the side characters like the teachers at Moordale High are interesting and have depth.

It’s hard to think of anyone at all that doesn’t have passions, drive, proper characterisation, weaknesses and interests all displayed to us. Everyone is flawed, everyone is unique, and most importantly, everyone engages with sex in a different way.

In season 3 of the show, things begin to shine with a polish that very few shows manage to muster.

After two seasons with this chaotic and outrageously horny bunch, the representation has found its sweet spot, and feels completely natural, which only adds to the charm. Nothing feels forced here.

The disability representation is tear-inducingly beautiful and real, the queer representation is varied and heart-wrenching, and the newly added non-binary representation feels incredibly important to today’s world as well as being intelligently written.

And all of this barely scratches the surface. The show casually presents us with POC relationships, diverse sex, trauma, the importance of communicating with your partner and feminism with such normalcy that nothing feels forced.

It’s a show that mirrors the diversity of individuals in the real world, which is what makes it so easy to connect with.

sex education season 3
Ruby, Olivia and Anwar in season 3 of Sex Education.

What season 3 of Sex Education does best is that it plays on the uniqueness of all the characters in a way that we haven’t really seen before.

Characters who have never interacted in the past are forced by plot occurrences to clash, creating a wholesome big bang that highlights how differences can bring us together rather than tear us apart.

As someone who identifies as queer, this feels like a show that finally gets it — all the nuances and small conflicts of being queer, all the preciousness, all the power. It’s educational, representational, and one of the most flawless examples of diversity on TV that exists.

So yeah, you should probably go and watch season 3 of Sex Education which comes out at 6pm tonight on Netflix. The only thing you’ll regret is how fast you’ll devour it.