Happy Friday to you, happy Friday to me, and happy Friday to the cast of Sex Education, who are gearing up to commence shooting for season 3 next month. *Squirts lube in celebration*

Sex Education had to suspend filming amid the pandemic, like many projects in the entertainment biz, but cast and production now seem confident that festivities can kick off once again in August.

“It looks like it’s on track,” Aimee Lou Wood, who plays Aimee Gibbs, spoke with Digital Spy last week.

Wood also told the publication that she’s read the script for the first episode, and reckons “it’s really, really good”.

“I’m desperate to see more. I’m so desperate, especially because I feel like the last season left us all in such interesting positions. But where the characters could go now is kind of limitless.”

I’m just happy to hear that season 3 is underway, because I demand some sort of resolution following that season 2 finale.

Emma Mackey (Maeve) spoke with PEDESTRIAN.TV last year about the controversial ending, involving a certain Isaac and Otis. Obvious spoilers ahead…

“The only interaction Isaac had with Otis was at the party when he was the worst, he was awful. He was a massive dickhead. So obviously, he had a really bad impression of Otis and so you can understand why he wanted to protect Maeve from that kind of guy.”

Whether you agree with Isaac or not, it’s undeniable that season 3 is bound to be spicy as heck.

Watch this horny space.

Image: Netflix / Sex Education