Seth Rogen Has Been Whipping Up The Most Exquisite Vases & They’re The Best Thing About 2020

We need to talk about Seth Rogen. Specifically, we need to talk about these exquisite vases he keeps churning out and posting online. I simply adore them.

You see, many of us have tried our hands at different hobbies this year. From breadmaking to puzzle-completing, 2020 has been the year for lame rainy-day pandemic activities.

Not for Rogen. In April last year (before, y’know, all this), the actor joined a pottery studio and started whipping up some lovely looking ashtrays.

Since going into lockdown, the man’s honed his talent and blossomed into quite the precocious potter.

He’s since pivoted into all kinds of liquid-holding vessels, but he’s been particularly prolific when it comes to vases.

Let’s fast-forward through his timeline to 2020, shall we?

Take a look at this lovely earthen sake set.

Or this blue-and-red speckled vase, which Rogen said “took forever”.

I’m getting major box jellyfish vibes, but that’s not such a bad thing from a purely aesthetic point of view.

How about this stunning piece, any accurate description of which would simply escape my own, limited vocabulary.

Suffice to say, it’s stunning.

Rogen called this batch of vases his favourite batch. Fair enough!

It’s also my favourite batch… so far!

Rogen told The Cut he finds the whole process of making ceramics meditative.

“I have a really hard time deciding which ones I’m even willing to part with at this moment,” he added.

“They are very personal to my growth, you know what I mean?”

Meanwhile, Vogue even ranked Rogen’s ceramic scheme as its #1 celebrity quarantine hobby.

All of this is to simply say that I love Seth Rogen and his gorgeous vases (and ashtrays).

Seriously. He can flex about it all he wants on Insta because I’ll simply respond by lapping up each and every one of his posts.

Not to mention his Insta stories, which include some juicy (clayey… ?) behind-the-scenes shots.

Dear Seth Rogen, thank you for sharing four newfound passion with the world.

Your vases are beautiful and so is your soul.