Pls Enjoy Seth Rogen Telling ‘All Lives Matter’ Spouters To, Put Simply, Go Fuck Themselves

Seth Rogen has wasted precisely zero time in letting ‘All Lives Matter’ spouters know what he thinks of them, providing some much-needed entertainment for those trawling his Instagram comments section.

In response to the US protests taking place in support of George Floyd, and the ongoing, systematic mistreatment of black, brown and Indigenous people, Seth posted a ‘Black Lives Matter’ graphic yesterday, alongside the caption, “if this is a remotely controversial statement to you, feel free to unfollow me.” In what can be described as a series of metaphorical face-palms, some users thought it was time to declare that ‘All Lives Matter’. 

Let it be known, if you’re foolish enough to parade the term ‘All Lives Matter’ without seeing the utter ignorance behind it, and even more foolish to post it on Seth’s latest Instagram flick, you will feel the glorious wrath of the Rogen.

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In one fell swoop, Rogen swiftly told the fools to get wrecked. And boy, was it a glorious sight.

“Fuck off,” he told one commenter. “You don’t deserve my movies anymore. Stop watching my shit.”

Check out some of the highlights below.

BRB, getting “I like fuck you” framed and placed above the mantelpiece.

Bless the Rogen. Bless him.