Seth Rogen Says He’s Smoked “Ungodly” Amounts Of Weed In Isolation, And Yeah, That Tracks

Seth Rogen

If I had to take one guess at what Seth Rogen has been up to during his time in isolation, I would have gone with “smoking an absurd amount of weed”, and it turns out I would have been spot on.

The stoner icon appeared on the home edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, looking even shaggier than normal and admitting he was pretty much “made” for self-isolation.

“We are not all in this together because this has not been that bad for me,” he bluntly told the host. “I have kind of been self-isolating since 2009.”

He said that he has smoked a “truly ungodly” amount since all this began. “”Thank God it has been declared an essential service,” he said. You can check out his interview below:

In addition to pot, Seth Rogen has been way into pottery during his time in isolation.

“So many of our friends wanted to do pottery, we got a literal third wheel, me and my wife,” he told Kimmel. “We have a kiln, we found a place that will deliver clay in this time of quarantine.”

He posted some of the fruits of his labour on Instagram, and his pots are looking pretty damn professional!