Seth MacFarlane Says No Way Would He Host The Oscars Again

Seth MacFarlane has come out and stated that his first-time gig as The Oscars host will also be his last. He made the announcement via the vestibule of categorical truth-telling, Twitter, in response to the question “Would you host the #Oscars again if asked?”

Many of MacFarlane’s peers publicly praised his performance including former Oscars host Hugh Jackman who said MacFarlane did a “Great job, I thought he was funny, relaxed, and he set a great tone,” and Best Actress winner and greatest celebrity on earth Jennifer Lawrence who said “I thought he was hilarious. I loved the boob song.” and comedian Sarah Silverman declared her love for MacFarlane’s effort saying “He’s a song-and-dance man and he had so many hard jokes – ‘getting inside Lincoln’s head!’”

Critics were less impressed. Amy Davidson at The New Yorker wrote a condemning treatise titled “Seth MacFarlane and The Oscars’ Hostile, Ugly, Sexist Night”. The Daily Beast wrote that MacFarlane “bombed terribly”. Margaret Lyons at the New York Mag’s culture blog kicked off her critical piece on MacFarlane’s Misogyny with the opener Seth MacFarlane made a whole bunch of sexist, reductive jokes at the Oscars last night.

At least his critics can rest easy. As for next year’s Oscars host? I’m gunning for a Daniel Day Lewis hosting debut but presented deep in-character as Jennifer Lawrence.