Seth MacFarlane Confirms His Oscars Weinstein Joke Was A Calculated Jab

Seth MacFarlane has confirmed that his swipe at Harvey Weinstein during the 2013 Academy Awards wasn’t just dumb luck, but a calculated jab based on knowledge of Weinstein’s behaviour.

Since news of Weinstein broke, people have been pointing to incidences in pop culture where this supposed ‘open Hollywood secret’ was made known.

One of those was MacFarlane’s hosting gig at the Oscars, when he joked that the best supporting actress nominees would “no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.”

MacFarlane has now confirmed that this line was directly in response to Weinstein sexually harassing his friend and Ted co-star Jessica Barth, who has since gone public with her story.

People have since been slamming MacFarlane for any variety of crimes. He didn’t speak up sooner, he didn’t report Weinstein to the police, he just made a silly joke and is now coming to claim his woman respecting prize, etc.

And while there is considerable anger around the Weinstein allegations, imho, the anger directed at MacFarlane is bullshit.

He took an opportunity to swing at Weinstein during the most important and well-publicised night in Hollywood, in front of thousands in the crowd and millions at home. The insidious nature of Weinstein’s predatory behaviour is only now starting to unravel, after decades of stories being killed and women being silenced.

And on top of that is perhaps the most important part of all: Barth had asked him to do nothing else.

What needs to happen now – and is happening – is a calculated look at what power structures and power players are excusing, covering, and allowing for sexual harassment to run rampant, not whether some overblown comedian deserves the right amount of praise.