Jennifer Coolidge’s Tip To Combat Self-Doubt Is Timeless & Exactly What We’d Expect From Her

jennifer coolidge talking about self-doubt at vivid sydney

Leader of the free world and news-generating machine, Jennifer Coolidge, has come through with yet another update worth writing about. This woman is on the biggest roll of her career and TBH I hope she never stops, for the good of humankind.

During the Mike White and Jennifer Coolidge in Conversation event held at Vivid Sydney on Saturday night, Australia’s adoptive mother was asked a question about self-doubt and how she deals with it.

“I think one of the best things to cure self-doubt is just … to go to really bad stuff,” she continued as her words were met by whoops and cheers from the adoring audience.

“I’m talking about plays you hear about that are terrible. Go to them.

“There are shows on television that are terrible. Watch them.”

Coolidge then explained how she landed on such a fabulous way of dealing with self-doubt.

While she was in college, she attended a “terrible” production of the musical Oliver! where “everyone was bad, the whole show”.

It was during this awful spectacle that she felt like she “had a chance in this world”.

God, I love her.

If she were to write a self-help book, I’d want a signed copy.

Coolidge has been in the news for all the right reasons lately.

Just this weekend, she and White Lotus‘s director Mike White gave a very promising indication about whether the hit series might make its way Down Under.

Then, before her big press day, she was snapped partying with an Aussie politician who you could totally imagine booking the Pineapple Suite at a White Lotus.