7 Reasons Why Jennifer Coolidge, A Perpetual Slay, Would Make The World’s Best Mother-In-Law

Unless you’ve been living under a hefty rock, you’re probably aware of the ‘Jennaissance’, AKA the world’s current embrace of Jennifer Coolidge.

After years of gracing our screens with impeccable comedic timing, unfathomable sassiness and, of course, her signature, nasal and breathy voice, it truly feels like Jen is finally getting the recognition she deserves for being a total icon.

Luckily for us, there’s more J-Cool content than ever, including the new movie Shotgun Wedding, which is available now on Prime Video for your viewing pleasure.

With J-Cool starring alongside Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel, and Lenny Kravitz, the movie is an absurdly raucous, action-packed rom-com romp. Set on a stunning tropical island, the movie sees a disgustingly beautiful couple’s (J-Lo & Josh) wedding day go awry as their guests are taken hostage.

honestly could not think of anything more fun for a little bit of summer viewing.

shotgun wedding

^This is what I mean by ‘perpetual slay’. 

After watching the movie, I couldn’t help but think that I wanted Jennifer Coolidge in my family badly — so here’s why I think she’d made the best mother-in-law, specifically.

She’d continuously serve looks

She’d slay in a Camilla kaftan on every special occasion. She’d never leave the house without a Valentino purse in tow. Would her hair ever be anything other than perfectly curled? No. Jen always comes to serve.

She’d constantly deliver one-liners

Shotgun Wedding is packed with bloody hilarious little bits of banter and roasts between characters. Obviously, Jen is a master with her dry and sometimes aloof delivery. If Jen was my mother-in-law, I’m sure she’d constantly deliver on the funny and sassy one-liners. For example, if a racist uncle started mouthing off, I’m sure she’d swoop in with a quick-witted roast about his receding hairline.

If you need further convincing, please relive this moment from the Golden Globes red carpet a few weeks ago.

She’d always be down for a prosecco (or ten)

Look, I don’t have much evidence for this one, but I just have a feeling in my waters that Jen would love a cheeky prosecco with the girls. I also know she’d be down to discuss and dissect all the family drama too.

She’d froth an island vaycay

Need I say more? Over the last few years, we’ve been blessed with so much Jennifer-Coolidge-by-the-beach content. She clearly loves a little island vaycay, and she’s always ready for one — according to her Shotgun Wedding co-stars, Jen arrived on set with eleven suitcases, with one entirely filled with silk robes. Whomst is she!!!!!

She’d always say it how it is

In a world of fakes, Ms Coolidge has risen to the top because of her authenticity and unashamed passion for being herself. Would she ever lie to you? Would she ever not tell you when there’s lipstick on your teeth? No. Because she’s as real as they come, baby.

She would never judge you for anything

Jen’s spent years in the big ole’ entertainment biz. She’s seen it all, and according to her Golden Globes speech, she’s also copped a few setbacks over the years. She’d simply never judge a flop day or era.

Look, I’m not going to lie – I could probably come up with another 78 reasons as to why I’d want Jennifer Coolidge as my future mother-in-law, but I’ll leave the rest up to you to ponder.

If you’re dying for a bit of Coolidge-core, you can stream Shotgun Wedding exclusively on Prime Video.

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