Relatable PM Scott Morrison Likes Jon Snow The Best Because Of His ‘Cool Dog’

It is a small mercy that federal election campaigns in Australia aren’t particularly long, because they are heinously painful to observe. Every day, politicians are out and about, deploying ludicrous personal smears, wilfully misrepresenting policies until they are scuttled entirely, and — worst of all — trying their best to ingratiate themselves to voters by pretending to be a regular human being.

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Scott Morrison, our unflavoured water cracker of a prime minister, last night hooked himself into the zeitgeist by conspicuously watching Game of Thrones, catching up on what appears to be the last episode of the previous season in a profoundly strange setting:

If that scene doesn’t have the definite smack of ‘How do you do, fellow kids?’, how about his justification as to why Jon Snow is his favourite character, as told last night to “Because he’s cool and he had the coolest dog.

Is Jon Snow cool? It could be certainly argued that he is. Is a direwolf a dog? Dog DNA is roughly 99.9% wolf, so we’d just be needlessly splitting hairs here. Is Ghost the coolest of the direwolves? While that’s quite subjective, I am personally inclined to say yes.

At a component level, all of it bears out. Together as a sentiment expressed by a grown human man? Very weird.