It seems Prime Minister Scott Morrison just cannot stop embarrassing himself, because now he’s gone and compared French president Emmanuel Macron‘s criticisms of this ridiculous submarine drama to “slurs”. Please, someone get this man to stop fucking talking.

The PM and Macron are beefing over a submarine deal between Australia and France that went sour after Morrison ditched it for a nuclear submarine agreement with the UK and the US. Which he apparently didn’t tell Macron about. Of course.

Tensions between the two leaders have been intense, coming to a head today when Macron straight up told Aussie reporters that Scott Morrison lied to him.

Now, Morrison has hit back at the accusation, saying that he will not “cop a sledging” of Australia’s integrity. Which is funny because I’m pretty sure it’s not the people of Australia that are being criticised here.

Speaking to reporters in Glasgow, Morrison said that Macron was aware that Australia was considering pulling out of the submarine deal. He said he was as transparent as possible, and that he wasn’t going to accept “slurs” about Australia.

“I’ve got broad shoulders, I can deal with that. But those slurs, I’m not going to cop sledging of Australia, I’m not going to cop that on behalf of Australians,” he said, per The Guardian.

What slur???? To which Australians??

In what fucking world is it a slur for Macron to say that Australia’s integrity is under scrutiny. It literally is.

It is tone deaf beyond belief to compare being called out for shitty behaviour to having slurs thrown at you, and it’s especially embarrassing considering Morrison is a cis, white man. Like, what kind of derogatory slur can he even experience?

What’s actually happening here is that Scott Morrison is trying to save face after his dodgy handling of this deal made global headlines, and he’s hiding behind the apparent victimisation of Australians to do it.

News flash, Australians aren’t the ones being criticised here, our shitty government is. And we’re not interested in being used as an excuse to justify some petty spat to distract from climate policies.