Another Lib MP Has Lashed Out And Called The PM A ‘Self-Serving Bully’ & The Tea Is Hot Today

Catherine Cusack

The Liberal girlies are in-fighting again! Just a week after Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells eviscerated Prime Minister Scott Morrison for being a “bully who has no moral compass”, another Liberal MP from NSW’s northern rivers has agreed and said she won’t be voting for the Libs (her own party!!!) in this upcoming federal election.

Hell hath no fury like Liberals desperately trying to save their party’s reputation from Scott Morrison’s slimy grip — just ask MP Catherine Cusack.

The NSW state Liberal wrote a lengthy piece for The Guardian lamenting how the PM has “ruined” the Liberal party and how she can no longer vote for it herself, as a Liberal of 40 years.

Cusack accused the Federal Government of biased funding for flood victims and said Concetta’s claims Scott Morrison is a bully were “spot on”. And then she appeared on ABC News to blast Morrison’s reputation to bits. Drink up kids, this tea is hawt.

Cusack accused Scott Morrison of “scheming” and “self-serving” behaviours that ultimately saw the “Liberal dream trashed”. She ripped into him for engaging with the scummy likes of Andrew Bolt and refusing to act on climate change, which she reckons is against the Liberal value of education.

I can’t pretend I have any sympathy for the “Liberal dream” or whatever these people convince themselves to believe the party has net positive outcomes, but Cusack is right that it is truly cooked how much Scott Morrison’s government canoodles with climate change deniers.

What’s more damning is that Cusack said Scott Morrison’s government was allocating funding for flood-victims based on their federal electorate — meaning those in Labor seats wouldn’t get the same flood relief as those in Liberal seats. Like some kind of weird election punishment.

Cusack herself lives in a Labor seat and was personally incensed at the idea of flood-ravaged Aussies being left out of funding just because of their electorate. Everyone should be entitled to being looked after post-natural disaster, right? I hope we remember this when we inevitably have climate refugees.

Anyway, it was eventually decided that all northern rivers flood victims would receive funding regardless of their electorate, but the whole thing left a bitter taste in Cusack’s mouth. Because really, what kind of leader would think to use flood victims in political games?

“To see the self-serving, ruthless bullying that has increased inside the Liberal party spill over into public policy and the poorest most vulnerable Australians who lost everything in the floods are the targets of this outrageous abuse of morality and power is simply intolerable,” she wrote in The Guardian.

“He obviously thinks it’s all about him. Actually, as anyone in the northern rivers will attest, this drama is not about him. It’s about the victims.

“We are so lacking in compassion that even flood victims who have lost everything are like any other pawns in this awful Game of Thrones.”

Cusack is now resigning from her Liberal seat, and she’s gone as far as to say that she won’t be voting Liberal in the upcoming election because she doesn’t want to see Scott Morrison remain PM.

You know shit’s fucked when your own MPs are abandoning the party, hey?