Say Hello To RuPaul In The Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Grace And Frankie’ S5

Grace and Frankie

It’s here pals, the trailer for Netflix‘s Grace and Frankie season five has finally graced the internet and it looks gewd. And, I’m not just saying that because RuPaul makes an appearance.

[jwplayer sNd5cmTH]

If it’s been a while since you’ve watched season four then I’ll give ya the gist.

Grace (Jane Fondaand Frankie (Lily Tomlin), TRICKED by their children, move into a retirement community only to fabulously escape when they realise they’re 30000 per cent capable of looking after themselves. Upon arriving back at their home, they learn their children have sold the house to a mystery buyer. Look, we all assumed it was very rich man Nick (Peter Gallagher) – Grace’s ex-boyfriend – who had bought the house but if the trailer is correct, it was Mama Ru!

Anywhoo, Robert (Martin Sheen) and Sol (Sam Waterston), having experienced some trouble in paradise, appear to have solved their marital problems with the help of a (naked) handsome younger man.

Bud (Baron Vaughn) and his fiancée Allison (Lindsey Kraft) are now parents to little baby Faith. 

Mallory (Brooklyn Decker) is interning at Brianna‘s (June Diane Raphael) place of work… which is in a spot of trouble.

Coyote (Ethan Embry) decides to stay in La Jolla while his girlfriend Nadia (Megan Ferguson) pursues a career elsewhere… I think. I need to rebinge.

ANYWHOO, a lot happens in the season five trailer. Grace and Frankie break into their old house and refuse to leave, Frankie has a new boyfriend (!!!) there are literal pigs in the house, handsome naked man is back, Bud and Allison get married (!!!), Nick returns, there’s some sort of monastery, Robert and Frankie bond, and about a million other things too.


January 18, pals.

Visual date coming in a hot.