The following article contains decent-sized 'Bandersnatch' SPOILERS. Proceed at your own risk.

What? You thought this was over? You thought this whole thing was done with? You thought just because you’ve already spent hours going over every option and choice in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch that you’ve seen every possible ending? This is never over. This is just the beginning.

Just when hype and interest in the remarkably innovative choose-your-own-adventure movie on Netflix was starting to wane, officials at the streaming giant dropped a juicy dangler right in front of everyone’s faces by confirming the existence of a very secret ending.

The Netflix UK Twitter account lobbed the hand grenade into the proverbial lake late yesterday, sending everyone who’s seen it scrambling for their remotes.

That’ll be you in a hot second. So prepare accordingly.


Here we go.

Pick it up twice? Twice? Bloody hell.

This next little bit contains SPOILERS so consider this a big honk of the warning klaxon.

Viewers who do manage to do this are treated to the Jerome F. Davies Ending, which features a cameo from the Bandersnatch author, who appears in a dream to Stefan and forces him to retread and pick up the book, pushing viewers back onto the main path of the story.

Producers of Bandersnatch shot the scene fully aware that only a small percentage of viewers would actually see it and, additionally, there’s apparently a scene in the movie that’s straight-up inaccessible to everyone.

So there you go. There’s your project for the night. Another cursed watch through of this beast that simply refuses to die. Enjoy, friends.