Sorry Folks, ‘Black Mirror’ Season Five Is Delayed Because Of Bandersnatch

Bandersnatch, Black Mirror

Outside of Bird BoxBlack Mirror‘s Bandersnatch was easily the most hyped TV event of the Christmas break, but in bad news for fans of the show, the choose-your-own-adventure episode was so ambitious that its production has delayed the upcoming fifth season.

Series creator Charlie Brooker and executive producer Annabel Jones recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss Bandersnatch, which is so complicated that neither could even seem to agree on how many endings there actually are.

Netflix and Jones think there are five “definite” endings, Brooker thinks there are more, but can’t say how many; fellow producer Russell McLean earlier said there are at least twelve, while director David Slade has also declared that there are some endings so secret that they will likely never be found.

Point is, the interactive episode was a major endeavour, taking an “enormous” amount of time and effort to put together, and per Jones, this means that the show’s fifth season, while it’s definitely happening at some stage, has been pushed back.

She couldn’t give a release date, and Netflix hasn’t said anything yet about when new episode might arrive or how many there’ll be, but a vague timeline of “2019” remains set. Until then, I guess you can just kill time looking at the many, many Bandersnatch memes currently delighting the internet.