Sarah’s Day Is Getting Dragged For Teasing A ‘Big Life Update’ Which Is… Building A Second Home

Australian influencer Sarah Stevenson or Sarah's Day wearing grey jumper in vlog with title of YouTube video overlaid which reads "LIFE UPDATE! I can't believe this happened | VLOG"
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Noted rug seller and wellness influencer Sarah Stevenson, who you might know better as Sarah’s Day on Instagram and YouTube, is copping backlash online for revealing her “big life update” is that she bought a block of land to build a holiday home.

A house exclusively for holidays? In this economy? And with these cozzie livs? Couldn’t be me.

Sarah’s Day announced the news on Tuesday in a YouTube video.

“It’s been a goal of mine to give my family, our family, our extended families this holiday home experience,” she said.

“We are designing it in a way and creating this magical moment, like, this really special house, because I want it to be a photoshoot house.”

I … Ok. Just gonna leave that one there for a minute while I massage my temples. Don’t mind me.

Jokes aside, Sarah’s Day expressed trepidation in sharing the news ‘cos she didn’t want it to seem like she was boasting or gloating.

That’s all well and good, but there’s also a ‘yuge element of self-awareness that’s required when revealing your “life update” is building a second home reserved for special occasions, considering so many people across the country are struggling to afford rent, pay bills and eat.

The number of affordable rental properties in Australia right now is terrifyingly low — a recent PropTrack Market Insight Report revealed only 17.6 per cent of properties listed on are going for $400 or less as of February 2023.

Sydney woman Chantelle Schmidt was told that her rent would be increasing by $1400 per month, and landlords are trying to flog literal wooden boxes and garden sheds as habitable dwellings. It’s bloody dire out there for renters.

Don’t get me wrong — spend your money how you want (as long as it’s not absolutely illegal, unethical and other applicable caveats). But maybe don’t make a monetised YouTube video to announce you’ve achieved your dream of owning a second home (for content creation of all things) when people are doing everything they can to literally just survive RN?

The other thing about all of this is that the day before dropping the video, Sarah’s Day teased a “big life update” on Instagram. It is sort of funny that for me, a “big life update” is dyeing my hair (we’re going a deep red, if anyone was wondering) and for other people it’s buying a second home.

Folks revealed how pissed off they were that Sarah’s Day teased the announcement, and also vented about how “tone-deaf” it is given the cost of living and rental crises, in the comments section of an Instagram post shared by Influencer Updates AU.

“So many things wrong with this. Firstly, not life changing news really, is it? Just clickbait for us to watch her YouTube video so she gets more views — more money. Secondly, while the rest of us struggle to pay rent / mortgages, keep up with the rising costs of food and fuel, here she is flaunting to her followers that she’s bought another house which leads to thirdly; a holiday house / house to take photos in. What a privilege. It’s great to be able to afford what she’s doing but I don’t think she needed to announce it in such a way,” one person wrote.

“Why did she have to tease this massive, huge life update when it was literally just ‘Rich person gets richer by buying second house to rent out’,” another commented.

“Imagine taking up a house for photoshoots instead of allowing people to build homes or get rental home [sic]. She’s so out of touch,” said a third.

Folks shared similar sentiments in the comments section of an Instagram post from Aussie Influencer Opinions.

“Cost of living AND rental crisis — imagine thinking it’s ok to worry over a house for content creation when people can’t find houses to live in,” one person wrote.

“Work hard and enjoy the rewards but pretty tone-deaf to do a big announcement like this. Many people are struggling so enjoy your success privately, not everything has to be on a public platform,” a second commented.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to compare toilet paper prices ahead of my grocery shop tomorrow.