Today In Fkd Rental Properties, A Garden Shed & A Wooden Box Are Being Advertised As Actual Homes

If you needed any more proof that the rental market in Sydney and Melbourne is truly fucked, look no further than this garden shed and wooden box trying to disguise themselves as habitable dwellings.

Per The Daily Mail, the cooked rental advertisements demanded hundreds of dollars per week for two properties that certainly are not actual rentals: a garden shed, and a wooden platform located in someones living room.

If you’re looking for a place in Melb, you can cop a “converted” garden shed for $350 a week, and let me be clear, I use the term converted very loosely.

for lease: ur dream home. Source: Facebook

The garden shed was being advertised with a since-deleted post on Facebook in an unnamed suburb which is described as being an “open plan living with room for three beds and a bathroom.”

Turns out the advertisers and I have different opinions on what “open plan living” is, with me thinking it means a nice kitchen/living room combo and these folks thinking it means astroturf carpet and a crusty mattress in a garden shed.

It’s giving Dexter. Source: Facebook

Sydneysiders also aren’t missing out on the action, with a ramshackle loft above your landlord’s (?) living room in inner-city Pyrmont going for $330 a week.

The pictures uploaded to are giving treehouse vibes but in the absolute worst way possible. The wooden box is able to fit a mattress and that is literally it.

Cubby house but scary?!? Source:

The advertisement describes a living room underneath as a separate communal space.

And if I wanted shared spaces I’d go to a backpackers.

I’m having Stepbrothers bunk bed flashbacks. Source:

The room is shared with another renter who also lives in a loft, and is anyone else worried about the integrity of the loft build or is it just me?

The “unique” loft is located “in a beautiful historic building” according to the listing, and it’s looking for a tenant who wants to stay in this wood prison for at least nine months.

No mention of the bathroom situation for the loft/wooden hell scape, but if these pictures are anything to go by I’m envisioning a metal bedpan if you’re lucky.

These properties are the latest in a slew of absolutely cooked rental listings to appear on the market. Does anyone remember the Paddington dungeon or even another Sydney shed that were both advertised earlier this year?

These properties come off the back of news that rent has been going up by 50% in some suburbs across Sydney and that’s surely too much.

As a renter and Melb girlie myself, is some old dude’s garden shed really all I have to look forward to?