A New Report Dropped All The Suburbs Where Rent Went Up By Almost 50% & That Is Too Fkn Much

Australia Rent Increase by 50%
Contributor: Rebekah Manibog

If you’re currently on the hunt for a place to rent, you better saddle up. Not only is it damn hard to find a place, but a new report has shown that a bunch of suburbs have had rental increases of almost 50%.

According to new data from PropTrack, as reported by 9News, nine out of the top 10 suburbs that were hit with these ridiculous increases for housing were in regional Australia, so there’s literally… Nowhere to go. Yikes.

For the increase in rental housing, Western Australia’s Katanning was number one. The suburb saw a 47% increase to $375 per week.

Katanning, WA, was followed by Port Broughton, South Australia, which was hit with an increase of 43% to $340 per week.

Here’s the top 10 suburbs hit with the strongest rent increases for houses:

  1. Katanning, WA – 47%
  2. Port Broughton, SA – 43%
  3. Gatting, QLD – 41%
  4. Elliot Heads, QLD – 41%
  5. Orbost, VIC – 40%
  6. Stanwell Park, NSW – 39%
  7. Catherine Hill Bay, NSW – 38%
  8. Wamuran, QLD – 35%
  9. Rochester, VIC – 35%
  10. Wongan Hills, WA – 35%

As for rental units, Melbourne, VIC, was slammed with a 42% increase to $540 per week… And honestly, are we surprised?

Melbourne was then followed by Darlington, New South Wales, which saw a whopping 30% increase to $565 per week.

Peep the top 10 suburbs hit with soaring rental unit prices, according to PopTrack’s data, as reported by 9News: 

  1. Melbourne, VIC – 42%
  2. Darlington, NSW – 38%
  3. The Rocks, NSW – 35%
  4. Clear Island Waters, QLD – 34%
  5. Stockton, NSW – 33%
  6. Bayview, NSW – 33%
  7. Sydney, NSW – 33%
  8. Carlton, VIC – 30%
  9. Forrestfield, WA – 30%
  10. West Melbourne, VIC – 30%

The price increases are followed by the difficulty of actually finding a place to bloody rent. As you would know — if you’re chronically online like I am — the lines for rental units across Australia have been wild, with many people sharing their struggles in house hunting on TikTok. 

@cacaobeann I can’t even walk around the houses properly 😭 #sydney #propertymarket ♬ DiCaprio Hit a Baby – Bad Mechanics

*sigh* It’s yikes on a bike for Australia’s current rental market, and I definitely don’t want any part in this damn ride.