Some Old Codger Is Trying To Rent Their Sydney Shed As A House & Ah, That’s Not Legal


Another day, another parasitic landlord trying to rort the system by selling a Sydney home (*cough* shed) at an exorbitant price.

The Sydney rental crisis is well and truly farrrkkked right now, and it’s getting worse by the day. One Sydney renter copped a $1400 a month increase on her share house last week, while another guy has been roasted online for trying to sell a balcony as a seperate room???

Now, some old codger is trying to sell their shed for $360 a week. But here’s the kicker, this landlord is selling it as a seperate property.

TikToker Jordie van den Berg (@purplepingers) has made a name for himself on the platform as the unsung hero of exposing shitty rental properties in Aus, and thanks to the cozzie livs (cost of living) there’s an abundance of choice for him to make TikToks about.

This one property in Mascot in Sydney really takes the cake though because it’s listed as 6a, when in fact, it’s just a shed and not an actual listed property through the council.

“A couple of red flags straight off the bat, that is definitely someone’s shed/granny flat,” purplepingers said.

“There’s no record of any 6a Miles Street in any council or NSW planning register.”


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Purplepingers then goes on to say he messaged the property agent directly with a few questions, one of which being: “is this approved by the council?” To which they replied, “of course it is.” Hmmmm massive cap.

Then he asked if there were any smoke alarms, which the real estate agent couldn’t provide an answer for — and didn’t even bother to take his number to get back to him about it.

Our real estate king purplepingers then spoke directly to the NSW council who said they have no record of this property. He also asked them if it was a “legal dwelling” and they said no.

So yeah, real estate agents and landlords really doing the devil’s dirty work by straight up scamming desperate people in a rental crisis. What a fkn shit show.