Aussie Influencer Sarah’s Day Has Broken Her Silence Over *That* Second-Hand Rug Debacle

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Aussie influencer Sarah Stevenson who runs the popular @Sarah’s Day account has broken her silence after she came under fire online for attempting to fob off a rug as “brand new” when historic receipts alleged otherwise.

The lifestyle influencer received a heap of backlash after she uploaded an Insta Story which featured the rug’s dimensions and a cheeky little descriptive note calling the rug “basically brand new”. However, Instagram tea-spiller @AussieInfluencerOpinions pointed out that the rug appeared in pics from April 2020.

“We only rolled it out in Foxy‘s upstairs room for a week or so but he didn’t like the pink in it,” she wrote.

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Source: Instagram @sarahsday.

“Basically brand new” were the three words that ultimately bit Sarah’s Day in the tush. The rug retailed for $849 online in the size the influencer was offering, but it was unclear how much she ended up selling it for.

Stevenson responded to the backlash via a TikTok addressing the whole silly rug ‘drama’.

“First of all, good to see this is newsworthy, there are lots of things going on in Australia at the moment, clearly,” she said.

“I may be wrong here but my interpretation of ‘basically brand new’ is like ‘good as new’ or ‘immaculate condition’.”

She then went on to explain that yes, she’s had the rug for a few years, but she rolled it out for roughly a week in her last house and for another week in her new house. Apparently, nobody else liked the rug, so it’s been sitting in storage for most of its life.

“My sisters didn’t want it so I figured yeah, I would just sell it. I didn’t care. I wasn’t asking for the price that I bought it for,” she said.

“I was like yeah it’s basically brand new, name me a price, and come and pick it up.”

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In case you missed it, here’s the April 2020 pic in which the rug was clearly visible (and being sat all over).

Source: Instagram @sarahsday.

The peanut gallery went off in the comments section at the time, with some folks presuming the influencer had been given the rug as part of a sponsored content deal and in that case, should’ve just given it away. This is unconfirmed.

Others questioned how she thought she could pass the rug off as brand new when there was photographic evidence she’d used it on the floor of another room.

In any case, the timeline was a bit murky.

Per The Daily Mail, the rug also appeared in at least one Sarah’s Day vlog at another time. So maybe the rug wasn’t out for ‘just a week’.

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Source: Instagram @sarahsday.

Here’s hoping someone copped a bargain for this three-year-old rug.

So that about sums it up! What an absolute journey we’ve all been on.

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