As one of the most stylish women on the planet, fashion and accessory labels no doubt hammer Sarah Jessica Parker with offers to loan her pieces to wear at high profile events… emphasis on the word ‘loan’.

The Sex & The City star has been accused of borrowing $149,501.96 worth of accessories from Kat Florence Design in 2016 and failing to return them, according to court documents obtained by Page Six.

The company claims that the 53-year-old actress wore the pieces during a photoshoot for their range and asked if she could “personally borrow several pieces of the jewellery to wear for a few months and then return all the pieces.”

They agreed to a two-month loan of earrings worth $40,706.72 and a ring worth $27,115 but according to the company, Parker has not yet returned the items.

Kat Florence Design now wants to be compensated $150,000 as part of the ongoing legal battle.

The brand’s legal team told Page Six that they will meet with a mediator in New York this Friday to discuss a resolution to the messy matter.

“It is our position in this case that after a photo shoot as part of the endorsement agreement, Ms. Parker requested that she could personally keep some of the pieces of the jewelry for a few months to wear personally. We agreed and documented what she had,” their attorney added. “This happened in March 2016. Over two years later, the jewellery was never returned to us.

“We believe that as Ms. Parker has kept the jewellery since 2016 that she should pay us for it.”

Meanwhile, Parker’s attorney told the publication that their claim is absolute bullshit.

“This is just plain false. SJP was under contract to Kat Florence and was asked to keep the jewellery so that she could wear it on red carpets and other events when appropriate. Sarah Jessica Parker is as honest and trustworthy a person as anyone I have ever met. She has never and would never hold onto anything belonging to someone else. In fact, she has been asking ever since Kat Florence wrongfully stopped paying her to have the pieces returned, but Kat Florence didn’t seem terribly interested in getting them back.”

Image: Getty Images