SJP Marked Her Triumphant Return To The Met Gala By Once Again Sticking A Bird On Her Head

Sarah Jessica Parker has made a triumphant return to the Met Gala after sitting it out last year.

To commemorate the 2022 Met Gala, SJP has once again plopped a bird (or similar) on her head, just like she famously did in The Sex and the City Movie.

Have a squawk, I mean, squiz below:

The actress has been a regular fixture at fashion’s night of nights since its inception so fans were devo last year when she revealed she wasn’t attending.

She had a decent excuse though: she was busy filming the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That.

SJP worked with designer Christopher John Rogers to come up with the Gilded Glamour lewk.

The gown pays homage to Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley, who made history as the first Black female fashion designer in the White House.

She was a former slave who moved from Virginia to D.C. in 1860 and went on to become the official dressmaker to first lady Mary Todd Lincoln, as well as dressing many of Washington’s socialites.

“She was a smaller designer, and someone that people don’t really talk about,” Rogers told Vogue. “The idea was to highlight the dichotomy between the extravagant, over-the-top proportions of the time period, and the disparity that was happening in America at the time.”

Last month SJP told Vogue that she spends up to 10 months working with designers ahead of the event.

Ya see? She is to the Met Gala what a cosmopolitan cocktail is to Carrie Bradshaw. Just *chef’s kiss*.