Byron Bay influencer Sally Mustang has been called out by her legion of followers over a post she shared on the day of the anti-lockdown protests that quickly turned violent.

The post includes a photo of her face draped in white, along with a lengthy caption where she encourages her followers to push back on the COVID safety laws.

“Our freedom is not a joke,” she began (the party line of the anti-vaxxers). “To anyone that is handing it over blindly, please stop. Educate yourself, come home to your intuition.

“Make up your own beliefs and options and do not falter. Be ready to admit you may have been wrong or made mistakes. Be kind. Don’t judge one another.”

And here’s the line that’s spread like crazy (not unlike the deadly virus she’s downplaying here) across the internet: “Remember science is a THEORY, just like magic.”

She added, “Pay attention to how history often repeats itself. Anything on Google isn’t reliable either is anything shown to you on TV. Find other sources and search engines to gather your information. Keep your fear in check. Spend time outdoors. Tell the people you love that you love them more often right now, even if you don’t agree on everything. Look after your mental health like it’s a religion. Look after your physical health and optimise your immune system with herbs, breathing exercises, organic foods. Start to grow your own food. Learn about soil. Support the arts, they tell history.”

“Don’t hand your power away blindly. Playing into fear, anger, shaming, judging, policing each other, doing what is told without question, these are all ways which you hand it away,” she continued.

“Smiling, loving, dancing, breathing fresh air, growing your own food, finding water from source, movement, creating, having fun, making love, eating well, these are all ways you can take back your power.”

She concluded, “After all a happy healthy human being that loves themselves is the strongest force on this planet.”

The post was met with wide-spread backlash from her followers who began pummelling the comments section with criticism, including fans who wrote that although they’ve followed and loved her for years, they can no longer support her after sharing her dangerous views.

And it looks like people stuck to to their word as she has lost approximately 1368 followers since sharing the post, according to Social Blade.

Credit: Social Blade / Sally Mustang.

Despite this, she’s not backing down from her stance as she later posted a screenshot of one of her critics on her Instagram Story and wrote, “Anyone commenting or DMing me in an unkind negative way will instantly be blocked. I will not stand for bullying or the bad vibes in any way.”

I’ve also spotted comments pointing out the blatant white privilege in encouraging people to break COVID rules while living in a lush mansion in a rich area in Byron.

Bryon Influencer Sally Mustang Loses 1k+ Followers After ‘Science Is A Theory’ Protest Post

In recent Instagram Stories that the couple shared, they could be seen marching with fellow protestors, carrying anti-vaxxer signs along with their young baby.

Sally is among the influencers who were approached for Netflix’s influencer series, Byron Baes.